Intervention: Intervenor 52

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Hi, please consider my comments to the main issues:1) services that should be identified as necessary for Canadians to participate in the digital economyAvailability of direct Internet access through UTP or fiber (not through DSL / Cable) for each household (at least for the urban areas)2) upload and download speeds necessary in this digital ageSymmetric access at speeds 100 Mbps / 100 Mbps is a an absolute minimum for being considered a developed country3) the possible need for funding mechanisms to support the provision of modern telecommunications services,Separate carrier infrastructure ownership (fiber-optic network, routers, their operation and maintenance) and basic service (Internet access) from the other ISP services (TV, VoIP, mailboxes etc.)Give the incentive to landlords and homeowners for creating and maintaining their own home network (this is particularly important for multi-flat buildings)Ensure public funding and regulation of the infrastructure and basic Internet access service (it is a vital utility like heat and water in our days) Ensure competition on the ISP market by granting equal access to the infrastructure (remove unnecessary barriers to let medium sized and small companies to participate) 4) the roles of the economic and regulatory players in telecommunications services, such as the private sector, governments and the CRTC.CRTC - regulatory oversight, consultations, consumer rights' protection, protecting competition (reviewing the private sector, governments and NGOs)governments and NGOs - infrastructure ownership and development (Internet access, distribution to households)Private sector - ISPs (providing OTT services above basic Internet access - TV, VoIP, security etc.), homeowners and landlords (ownership of home networks)