Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 444

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To whom it may concern,I have been living outside of Burk's **** Ontario for two years. The internet services available are limited and expensive. I have been using Xplornet for the last two years. I have purchased the fastest and largest package available. It is a satellite access internet. Xplornet has increased their satellite broad band in parts of Canada but not here. It is both expensive and spotty in its reliability. But I have no other choice. I am 2 kilometers off a 4 lane highway. There is fiber optic internet available in my nearest community, Burk's **** Ontario.I presently teach part time at Nipissing University, 90 Kilometers north of my residence. I would like to teach on-line courses but do not have a reliable adequate service to do this.Tom ****326 **** FallsOntario, Canada*** ***