Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 303

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**** CommissionersCanada **** should be charged with abandoning its present mail deliver service and ensuring that every home and business in Canada has access, via the internet, to a central communications hub that would be used by everyone for all purposes to which the present mail delivery system is used, except, of course, for the delivery of parcels. Canada **** should operate as an independent agency with the highest standards of confidentiality. Any paper mail deposited in a Canada **** box would be opened by Canada ****, scanned, and delivered electronically to the recipient. Canada **** would maintain accounts for all households and would store in these accounts electronic copies of all mail either sent or received by households. No one, including the police, income tax department, or terrorist prevention groups would have access to this data base, except to read their own personal correspondence. All businesses would be free to send their bills, statements, and dunning notices using this service. Anyone without computers or internet should receive a basic laptop and scanner in order to receive and send mail and in order to access their personal files in the Canada **** central database. As with our current postal services, there exist a fee structure for Canada **** Email that is level for all Canadians irrespective of where they live or work. The service should operate in such a way that both recipients and senders have electronic proof of delivery. Canada **** should operate this system with CRTC-mandated co-operation from the major telecommunications companies operating in Canada. The relationship between the two should be at least somewhat analogous to the relationship between Via Rail and Canadian National Railway.