Intervention: Intervenor 98

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Why do rural Canadians have to pay more money for less service, and why is this essential service permitted to be biased against certain geographical areas? Why are the providers permitted to fix their prices at such high levels despite having a monopoly on provision of the services? Internet service is now an essential service in Canada, no different than electricity, you cannot conduct business, education, communication, or entertainment without it. Can you imagine where our society would be now if electrical service had always been charged at different rates and different qualities of service based on where you lived? Our current internet provision creates an economic disadvantage that eventually translates into barriers in other areas, ultimately putting some citizens at a disadvantage. It is not in the provider's interest to make it equal, or unlimited (as they are still clinging to the old business model for pay television which came about in the early 1990's), but it is definitely in the Canadian people's best interest to have equal, economical and unfettered access to internet. The current multi-tiered model that we are living with is damaging and not sustainable. I could care less about cable t.v. as I haven't had it for years....had to drop it to be able to afford the internet service we have available. Cable is marching towards extinction and internet based communication and entertainment are growing steadily. Please address the inconsistencies in internet service and help provide a level field for all Canadians.