Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 561

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Where we live we only have Eastlink internet to choose from. They advertised that we would have high speed service & would be able to watch videos & stream programs. But we are only paying for highspeed as it is ridiculously slow. When confronted about this they of course deny that it was ever said we would get high speed service. They said it is not equipped for high speed where we live. It's crazy how they lie. Just recently they put a cap on our internet useage of 15gb & if we go over we have to pay an extra $20 a month on an already over priced bill. We pay for highspeed but get slow-almost-no-speed. They seem to think that by capping us it will prevent people from downloading or streaming or even watching YouTube, which uses a lot of bandwidth. That is what we are told. We are being punished for living rural. If we lived in town there would be no cap & no overcharge. We also have no cell service at all b/c we live "over the mountain" & there are no towers for us. With the technology today I can't understand why internet & cell service is so limited. It should be available to everyone, no matter where they live! I recently signed up for a free trial of Shomi & was also told I could get video on demand free of charge for any channel i currently got on my sataelitte. I am a Shaw Direct customer for TV. I was elated to find this out.....until i tried it. Trying to watch Shomi on my PC was useless as the speed was not good enough. It kept buffering constantly. I will be cancelling my trial. As for the VOD, i hooked my internet cable up to my satelitte reciever & b/c the signal was practically NIL, i could not watch a single thing! So i cannot enjoy that added bonus at all. If I am out in my car, especially in the winter & get stranded I cannot call anyone for help b/c there's no cell service. There are businesses in this area that lose business b/c of no cell service. The list goes on & on for both internet & cell. We really need another tower or a new provider. I still can't figure out if I have satelitte TV, why can i not get internet service thru that? But I can't. I also want to say I am on a very small limited income as i have disabilities that prevent me from working. With the little bit of money i have, televison & internet are my only form of entertainment. I cannot afford the extra $20 but i have to pay it to be able to get any enjoyment from watching shows on my computer. I only have basic service on my satelitte so having Shomi or VOD would have been great. If I could get cell service i would save by only having 1 phone & would do away with my land line.Changes need to be made. **** changes. I hope my comments will help in bringing about change for the better.