Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 324

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One of the things that I would like to see change is the way billing and advertising for internet services is done. In order to complete the CRTC survey, I wanted to refer to my bill to verify information about download caps and internet speed. Neither is listed on my bill. It says only "high speed internet". So I went to my provider's web site to see the details for "high speed internet". I was confronted with terms such as "Internet 30". What does that mean? I also saw things like "internet is 6 X faster than other providers". This is also a pretty meaningless statement. Nowhere was I able to find information on the internet speed I pay for. The cell phone bill is much clearer. I can see at a glance what I paid for and what I used. Internet services should be advertised and billed in a way that is easy for consumers to find information about the services they use and pay for. Like mobile phone companies, the ISPs should be forced to advertise fairly and to make consumer bills perfectly clear.The internet is now so ubiquitous and so necessary for daily life that it must be considered an essential service and a human right such as electricity and water. To force Canadians in remote areas to pay more, to allow to continue the deplorable state of internet service in Canada where throttling, getting less than what was advertised and what is paid for is an absolute disgrace. The internet is a modern service for a modern time. The government and the CRTC have a duty to protect Canadians from unfair business practices.Lastly, we need to put an end to the clear conflicts of interest that most of the ISPs operate under. Offering internet service and then throttling it in order to make their other services more appealing (for example offering internet and TV streaming services, then throttling users who attempt to use competing services such as Netflix). This conflict of interest is blatantly obvious and yet completely ignored. We do not allow any other industry or service provider to do this. Doctors are not allowed to also be pharmacists and even a referral relationship between the two is illegal. Why it is permitted in this industry is a complete mystery and the elephant in the room.