Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 390

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Prices have risen on broadband Internet and speeds have dropped in the past decade in the west.. Shaw and Telus are blatantly using their duopoly in the west to restrict bandwidth caps on available plans and lower speeds (200mbit used to be available by shaw and they also had a 100mbit connection with unlimited bandwidth, these are no more and now plans of the same price range are less speed and bandwidth)Please keep Canada's digital economy in the '10 decade because with current speeds in Canada in 2016, we are stuck in the '00s. Mobile bandwidth caps for Internet data are also extremely limited and over priced.. I have a 15GB data plan with unlimited calling and its costs $200. For how much I give every month and how little data that is, there surely must be a ridiculous margin. This is also very useful for rural communities as it can be their only source of low latency high speed Internet (sattelite is high latency)Thank you for readingAshton Bannister