Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 504

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I feel that those of us living in what is deemed as 'rural' Ontario - even though many of us are NOT out 'in the boonies', perhaps on the outskirts, but regardless.... - are not getting the internet service we were promised years ago by government (or affordable cell phone use, and affordable internet). To get 'fast, reliable service' it is nearly cost-prohibitive. I strongly feel the fees are exponentially over and above what they should be - I feel we are getting RIPPED OFF! Folks who do not live in 'urban' areas are paying higher than normal fees and it is unfounded1 It is 2016! I have limited choices for internet providers; whomever I go with I have to pay EXORBETANT fees: activation, installation, this that and the other thing. For ONLY 2 GB of data - not a lot - I would pay $45 PLUS TAX. Up to 6 gb is $74 and so forth and so on. WHY???? Whym in 2016, should I have to sit there and WATCH the mb/gb I use daily to make sure I don't have to pay higher and higher fees. I feel held hostage and I do NOT live in the middle of no where. It's is frustrating that they a can get away with it...and it is allowed. Yes, I realize it is convenience I am paying for but I don't do 'alot' with my phone or internet - average I would say. But as we move toward more and more online/cell etc (like reading the news, social media; I don't watch many vids CANT AFFORD TO WATCH TV OR MOVIES ONLINE!! I would go broke! That is a pathetic thing, that I can't do that in this day and age). I can't afford it. For my limited use of cell phone (max 2 gb - because I got a new phone and gee, for some reason my data use increased??? I had to ADD/PAY for 1 extra gig) 2 Gb on my cell and say up to 4-5 gb on my laptop/ bill is soaring to $184/mo! And to shop around: either the companies don't offer it in this area or if they do: $$$$. I live, literally, a few km from a major city centre. What is going on? I believe EVERYONE should have a basic right to basic internet and cell data AT AN AFFORDABLE COST! The big companies are getting away with sanctioned price gouging. Not to mention try calling them to complain or get pushback and another attempt at upselling. Sad state of affairs in this day and age. VERY disappointed in the phone and internet providers available and very disappointed in CRTC and government for not doing more, sooner. So I welcome the survey & for the chance to comment and I truly hope something gets done!