Intervention: Intervenor 69

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**** CRTC,I write to you today in the hopes that you will excercise good judgment on behalf of all Canadians with regards to Internet service in our country. To me these such judgments would include:1) The removal of "Data Caps" or the easement of their fee schedule. It is common knowledge that the cost of transmitting a gigabyte of information on the internet is fractions of a penny. I can not see a valid reason for the current fee schedule from any provider.2) The financial support to allow the strengthening of our data comunications. Populated areas and remote areas alike need to access broadband speeds in order to function in the modern day world of business. We allow our major providers to provide such service in urban centres, but the lack of interest (profit) for the less populated demographics leaves many rural Canadians without adequate access. There is opportunity for growth to our less populated areas, especially in a time where remote work opportunities are rising. 3) General strengthening of speed of service, compared to cost. It is my belief that for a first world nation, we have third world internet (ask netflix). We can do better, but we must do so by encouraging real competition in the market. We hear about this not being possible, but our neighbours in the south have seen incredible things when real competition begins. Google fiber was brought to a number of towns/cities. The existing providers, having cried out that faster speeds were not possible, and that people did not want/need faster service, saw an alarming migration towards google fiber, and have rather quickly began offering the same level of service at a comparable cost. We must strengthen an open market, and permit competition in order to remain competitive globally as a first world nation.I thank you for your time and your kind consideration.