Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 675

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I am on ODSP, Ontario's disability plan. I recently moved into a subsidized 1 bedroom apt in my small town. I don't yet have a bed, couch, tv, coffee table or dining room table. But I bought myself a laptop so that I could use the internet everyday from the comfort of my 'bed'. I made sure I had internet as soon as I could when I moved into my new place. I spend about 50$ on my home internet service a month, only because I'm lucky enough to be in Ontario where there are actually competitors to Bell and Rogers, otherwise it would be at least 70$. I have a desktop, laptop and smart phone, all of which I find more necessary for my existence in today's world than having a bed. My cellphone costs me $70 a month because I am with Bell. This is 120$ from my ~1200$ monthly cheque, 10% of my income goes towards this. I'm not about to say this is too high for certain, but I do not think that these costs are necessarily being included in things like my disability pension. Now of course this is not about the ODSP money, it is rather about whether or not such a necessary part of my life is affordable. I would love for these services to be cheaper if possible, and for them to have a strong government presence in legislating or controlling them, because that should make these services cheaper for all canadians.