Intervention: J & B McLean Enterprises (Intervenor 46)

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RE: CRTCNotice 2015-134 - Notice of hearing 11 **** 2016Good afternoon,I am very pleased to see that you are looking into what I consider a huge problem in my area. I live on a farm approximately 13 km outside Collingwood Ontario, 50 km from **** Ontario and 150 km from Toronto Ontario. I do not feel like I live in a remote area but the services being provided to me are inadequate. Collingwood, **** & Toronto, in my opinion, have very good telecommunication services which continue to improve; however, the services I receive are terrible. We can not get cable internet or tv so this limits us to satellite tv and mobile internet services.Until recently (March 31, 2015) we had through Bell Canada what I thought was a good internet service. Our county (Simcoe County) had provided Bell with money to provide us with portable/rural internet services which cost $54.95 plus tax and it was unlimited, even though they advertised there was a cap (I think it was 30 gb) I was told by a Bell representative that there were no caps and no additional fees. In the 5+ years that I had this service, my family used the internet without worrying about additional charges. This included: online university courses that my sons & I took, my connecting from home to work for report cards, assessments, lesson planning, advertising & purchasing for my husbands business, online shopping, Skyping with my one son who lives in Alberta, another son who is going to university in Ottawa and with my children when I travel with my husband (e.g. Italy, Caribbean to our home). We also used our internet for entertainment (radio, netflix & online computer games). When Bell ended our service they offered us a Turbo Hub on the OMAFRA plan which is $59.95 plus tax a month and we get 40gb. It then costs $10 per gb if you go over the 40gb and there is no option to add on more gb at an affordable price...I tried. When each movie that my 3 sons watch is approximately 2 gb and online games 1 gb this means that after about 7 days we have no gb's left and we have to shut the internet off. We are a family of 5 and it is very difficult to go from an unlimited plan to now one in which I am constantly turning the internet off and it is creating a lot of stress in our family. Also, a Bell representative said that they do not know how long this service will be provided to us as the rate we are receiving is a special rate. Furthermore, if you don't use all your 40gb's in one month (which I can't imagine happening to us unless we are away) you lose them. I think the more fair thing to happen would be for those unused gb's to be forwarded to the next month and that way you don't lose what you have paid for.I then called Bell to ask them about adding a "dial-up" service to our account so that we can at least check our email when we have reached our gb capacity and they said it is no longer available to us; however, this was the service (Bell Sympatico) that we had before we switched to the portable/rural internet approximately 5 years ago and now we can't even get it. I feel like the service we are receiving is actually declining instead of improving. I then asked Bell about adding on another data plan and the only thing I can get is an additional Turbo Hub on a 2 year contract which will cost $60 per month for 5 gb's of data. That would actually cost us more than just paying the $10 per gb overage on our current plan! I then contacted Rogers and their plan is very similar to Bell $99 to purchase the Hub and then $85.00 per month for 10 gb on a 2 year plan and $10 per gb over the the 10 gb.In todays wireless society it is very difficult not being able to access services that everyone else takes for granted (e.g. online banking, streaming video, online radio, renting movies, work, shopping, school assignments, research....). In closing, I appreciate that you are looking into the lack of affordable internet services in my area and that you understand how important it is for us to have reliable & affordable high-speed internet services in today's wireless society. I feel that we are just wanting what the majority of Canadian citizens are already able to get. Yours truly,Barbara McLean8595 Side Road 30-31, Nottawa, Ontario, *** ***(705) 445-7122