Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 358

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In my area, access to broadband is very limited. When I moved to my current home 3 years ago, the only options for internet other than dial up, which was wireless dsl (an antenna that looks like either a satellite dish or tv antenna that works on radiowaves), or through a cell provider. The wireless dsl only had speeds up to 1 MBps, although most days it has trouble reaching half that. The only upside to that was that there were no caps on the amount of data, which is probably due to the extremely limited speeds. The cell option was equally as bad. It had good speeds, but very small caps on the amount of data that could be used. While we have a Bell landline running to the house, we are not able to obtain landline dsl from Bell, nor from a third-party internet provider.The wireless dsl was originally owned by the local city, which my home is a part of but less than 10 kilometers from the "city limits" (the township that I live in was amalgamated into the city long before I moved to this home) and less than 300 metres from the Trans-Canada Highway. Since selling it to one of the Bell Alliant, they had phased out being able to subscribe to the wireless dsl service. If you already had service, you were still able to use it, but anyone new moving in is not able to get it installed. That leaves them with either having to submit to only having dial-up internet, or subscribing to a plan to be able to use cell service and risk having an expensive bill if/when they exceed their monthly cap.In this day and age, when everything is becoming more and more dependent on being able to access information on the internet, some companies only accepting job applications online, as well as access to government services, having access to the internet being a luxury is a thing of the past. In order to survive in business these days, you have to have an online presence. If you are limited as to how much you can present to potential customers, it can have a great impact on the success or failure of your company. Customers expect a certain level of service and if you are limited by the quality of your internet, then your business will suffer and customers will look elsewhere. After all, it's 2016, everyone should be able to have access to the internet without extraordinary costs. Quality of life would improve. People would have better access to share information on their lives with friends and family. People looking for work would be able to access courses and work towards a new skill. Groups working on research would be able to more readily share results and work on solutions together. Businesses would be able to improve relationships with customers and potentially start extending their presence internationally. Having better and cost-effective access to the internet can only provide benefits to the whole of Canada.