Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 332

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Below is my submission to this hearing. I am also attaching the same submission as a pdf file.I live in Granite Bay, a very small rural and remote community on Quadra Island in BC. Several businesses operate from here. Half our community is served by Telus landline. Half is served by the Telus cellular network. The people on the landline cannot receive the cellular network and Telus refuses to extend the landline to the residents using the cellular network. **** the landline and cellular service are extremely poor quality. The landline was installed in 1956 but has not been significantly upgraded since BC Telephone was merged into Telus. The cellular service originates 60 linear kilometres away at Newcastle ****. (We require antennas and boosters to get any signal at all.)The cellular service is so bad that for the past three or four weeks, it has effectively shut down. We cannot make calls in or out. This is the worst the service has been, although the Newcastle **** tower was upgraded to 4G LTE a few months ago.Some subscribers on the landline are out for days at a time and sometimes everybody is out. The landline runs underground. It cannot support even basic internet service and many users complain of phantom calls, background voices and noise, and interrupted calls. Telus refuses to upgrade the line. The company shares ownership of the power poles that were installed in 2010, but does not use them. The landline does not meet the CRTC's basic service requirements, but the CRTC has refused to order Telus to upgrade the line. Those of us who can only receive cellular service live along a 2 km road at one end of which the Telus landline runs. Yet Telus will not extend the landline to us. Telus owns a share in the power poles that run along or through all our properties. Local residents paid a portion of Telus' costs for this powerline. Extended complaints to the CRTC have yielded nothing [eg **** 522441].In addition to the inconvenience and business handicap of having such substandard services, our access to emergency services is severely compromised. Although we tend to handle our own affairs, there have been many instances where ambulance and police services have been required. There is a public wharf in our community which has been the scene of at least one accident requiring an ambulance. I am nearly 70 years old, but there are several other people here who are older than me. Some are in poor health. There are also younger people with potentially life-threatening conditions. A small community with children - as ours is - must have effective access to emergency services. Even with telephone service, we are a half hour drive away from police and ambulances.Telus pleads excessive cost to provide us with service, but in the past year Telus made greater profits and paid out higher dividends that it ever has. It has also reduced its staff by 1200. In the meantime, it wants me to pay $56,000 to have the substandard landline extended 250 metres along the road in front of myhouse. I have just put out another $1000 for a new booster, smart hub and antenna to try to get a cellular service that seems to have disappeared altogether. The new equipment I had to buy was to replace the $800 worth of similar equipment that I had to purchase about three years ago.The CRTC needs to shoulder its responsibility to ensure adequate services to our community. We do have satellite internet service, but it is no good for Voice-over-Internet. Trying to e-mail for emergency services is out of the question as is its use for many business communications.Ted **** January 14, 20161590 Kanish View DriveGranite Bay, BC