Interventions Phase 2: KLB Human Resources Services Inc. (Intervenor 572)

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We are only 2.4km off the main highway which Telus has run high speed broadband internet here on the Sunshine Coast in BC (Halfmoon Bay) - they are servicing homes before and after us. When Hydro poles were installed servicing our lots Telus refused to bring us land line phone services. WE have been forced to use cellphone mobile devices. Last year when Telus upgraded the Sunshine coast we approached them again - why did they exclude us? Apparently they would come up to the homes on our **** IF we paid $25,000 (approx.) plus each lot would have installation fees of approx. $3500. Their reasoning is they only upgraded existing customers and unless we pay for the costs they have no interest in servicing the homes up our street. currently there are 7 homes and more will be built. However, they have a right of way on the poles reserving a % for Telus usage. We have been forced to go through Satallite - this is higher cost, slower bandwidth. Now that some of the homes have families with children they cant believe they aren't able to watch educational u-tube clips, research school projects whenever they want and at a speed that is needed. We have home businesses - having slower and expensive internet hurts our business. Always needing to be cognizant of why its so slow when doing research or downloading a much needed file. It is discrimination for us to be excluded here. Please make every effort to force them to offer and service all homes in Canada including our **** - **** Way, Halfmoon Bay, B.C.