Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 335

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HiI live in a remotely located rural community of 250 homes adjacent to the Ontario/Quebec border. The available Internet services are limited to DSL service (5 Mb/sec download, 0.7 Mb upload) from a single supplier. Although this is adequate for basic internet surfing, it is insufficient to provide for reliable internet streaming of any kind.Even the simplest YouTube video feed, is commonly a broken feed causing ongoing dismay.I feel that all communities should be entitled to higher bandwidths (Bi Directional) allowing for the use of currently available internet services (Video Streaming, ****-up) to fully appreciate the use/cost of internet services.I pay a premium for unlimited bandwidth that can not be fully utilized due to the limited upstream bandwidth. I do partial back-ups of critical information only, as a result of the limitations.Shomi, Crave & Netflix are all just dreams at this point in time.I recognize that 5 Mb should suffice for limited streaming, but the end to end stream reliability is inconsistent, creating a situation where its use is more frustrating that anything.