Intervention: Intervenor 125

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I live just a few short minutes from the village of Lansdowne and the Town of Gananoque, both communities have access to a variety of internet service providers. I do not there is currently only 1 company offering "highspeed" or wireless internet in my area. Due to the traffic management policy of this company between the hours of 8am and 1am speeds are reduced to that of dial up. I can not watch videos, use skype, I have had to discontinue my education online at **** college as I can not participate in some class chats or video conferences. Our internet services are constantly going down or experiencing technical issues, more and more often I am relying on my cell phone data to access the internet. Our service is expensive, unreliable and extremely disappointing. It's 2015, the internet is no longer a luxury its a necessity. Without having competition companies have no need to remain competitive in the market, they own the share of it and their answer when you call to inquire about another price increase, going over your data allowance or service outage? "If you don't like it go back to dial up" It's really sad that it's 2015 and I am seriously considering doing just that.