Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 583

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My family lives in the small town of Fulford located in Lac Brome ( Eastern Townships) with a population of about 300 +/- ( many people here are facing the same problem).Today in the year 2016, Internet has become so important in ones daily life just as much as having a cell phone. We use it for work, studying, research, playing, exc... but for some reason in 2016, believe it or not, in our small ( many of us) can not get internet at a good price all everyone else in Canada. My parents pay $100 for 100 GBS ( which is not enough) and try time and time again to find a better/ less costly deal with different companies but keep getting turned down. They say they can't give us internet in our area! My boyfriend and I don't have internet because we can't get it at a good price. We live 2 houses down the road from my parents. ARE YOU SERIOUS, IN 2016, WE CANT GIVE INTERNET TO EVERYONE AT A GOOD LOW PRICE! WE WANT CHANGE AND NOW!