Interventions Phase 2: Just Now Computers (Intervenor 363)

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In talking to the various telecom company's, Telus Shaw, etc. seems we are left out in the cold. Telus as an example has has a lot of dark fibre within our region services nearby Osoyoos and other nearby municipality, but refuse to in speaking with them said they've got no plans to bring their fibre service to the village of Keremeos. Again CRTC has a bauk haul and tariff in place this stifles self employed individuals as myself to bring fibre to my location. Eastlink has cable internet in Princeton same thing although they've got tv services here in Keremeos but no internet. Why? I work with the internet in IT business its needed, Telus has a 25mb service but then again its restricted to one side of the village and not the other side so we are stuck with the old adsl 5 mb service. Funny thing is the service will sell if its put in placed. For my internet I use a bonded connection from third party retailer just to function cost a lot to do so. So cost of delivery is not cheap within Keremeos and surrounding areas. Its 2015 isn't it?Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearanceIT Professional.