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I am a resident of **** Saskatchewan and a vacationer at Palliser Regional Park on **** Diefenbaker SK. Our cellular service is absolutely terrible. We farm 5 miles north of the #1 highway and our service is spotty at best. **** of us where we farm there is absolutely no cell service at all which makes it impossible for communications for breakdowns or any urgent problems or emergencies.At Palliser Park we have a seasonal site and there is not service where we camp there. We bought a $600 booster so that we can at least be able to text but the tower there is too small to provide service once the park is at full capacity. This not only causes problems at the park but it hinders all surrounding communities as far a Central Butte, SK.These concerns only encompass cellular coverage. We also have absolutely terrible internet service. Worse than the old dial up internet use to be.People in the cities pay a fee for service and have service! We in the rural areas have to pay for the same service at the same cost and have no service!!! Sincerely Frustrated ,Julie Gerbrandt