Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 596

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Thank you for the opportunity to comment. I live on a hobby farm in the rural area of Uxbridge Township, Ontario. 10 minutes down the road from me, residents of the GTA get to enjoy countless broadband options. The big players are constantly upgrading and trying to outperform each other for market share in the city. They launch new technology and spend a King's ransom on infrastructure. Meanwhile they leave us rural Canadians twisting in the wind with whatever service we can get. Many rural Canadians survive on dialup on crackly outdated phone lines from the 1950's that are incapable of DSL service.There are Rocket Sticks, and some so-called "wireless" services provided by local entrepreneurs as options. Most of these are lacklustre at best. If you do happen to get something with a mediocre download speed it usually comes at the expense of glacially slow upload speeds. This put rural Canadians at a competitive disadvantage with other Canadians and the world. We can't watch YouTube, Netflix or even use many websites that have way too much content to be slow speed compatible.The big players don't seem to be too willing to help us. They're more interested in the easy profits in the low hanging fruit of the cities. I think its high time that they are forced to serve all Canadians equally. High speed internet is no longer a novelty or perk of wealth. It is a necessity of daily life in the modern world. It is a utility that all Canadians must have equal access to.