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Distinguished panel.I will keep it short and sweet.I am in **** as I write this and everywhere I go, even rural areas, connectivity is ubiquitous and expansion is moving at break-neck speed.I am the Canadian head of a software company and where I live, 10 minutes outside of Toronto, I only have one option and that is satellite internet through a single provider.There is no cell coverage and fixed-wireless is non existent so I have do contend with band-width in the 320kbps range (on a good day) even though I pay for 10Mbps per second coverage. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, I am completely "off the grid."I do have a fixed-wire phone line but according to Bell (again, the single provider) I am too far from the Central Office for any form of DSL. There are about 50 homes on my street and a few hundred homes around us in the same predicament. In this day and age, *decent* Internet access is fast becoming an essential service. I would implore this august committee to mandate effective internet access - especially to locations that are served by some kind of infrastructure - be it phone lines or cable - a priority!Our neighbourhood is even willing to pay for services to be extended to our region, but alas, none of the incumbent providers is either interested or, in fact, even reachable.I would welcome the chance to address the committee directly and can be reached at the followingTom PerroneBizSkits Inc.90 **** AveKettleby, Onatario *** ***Tom.Perrone@BizSkits.comThank you for your kind attentionRespectfully,Tom ****.Raisons pour comparaitre / Reasons for appearance* The role of Internet access in the "Startup Age"Location-specific solutions and technologies and their dependence on Internet access