Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 491

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Hi there whe live in south west nova Scotia. And the internet here is behind most of Canada with no word of improvement.although the northern part of the Province will have broadband of min 5 mbs whe have no outside provider willing to spend extra on the south western part. Most village's have wisp of 1 to 1.5 and there's to much traffic it bogs down to nothing and to further note most vilages with highest broadband are 6 mbs. Only town center in Yarmouth and 5 min outside have adequate broadband and from what I read is that most Canada should be 5 mbs minimum but its 5 years still behind it should be atlest 15mbs the way Everything is going with technology.people will pay to have good internet in theses regens.but with no upgrades to lines why not invest in better wisp models. I think outside company's should be able to come to give more pressure to the only local company offering broadband. Its a shame no one gets together over this situation because its a important one.