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**** Sir, Madam,This is the situation we're living in at the moment: We recently bought a house (lodge/B&B) located at the mentioned address below. But there is no land line provided, so the previous owner had an internet/telephone service with Xplornet via a satellite system. That worked quit well but was not always reliable.....until last spring 2014! They don't provide any telephone service, called voIP, anymore. They only provide internet service now. So we were completely out of Phone. But we still can use our internet via Xplornet through a satellite dish. This works fair enough depending on the weather we're having and how many people that are using the internet at the same time. Like I said we have a lodge/B&B and our guests are expecting high speed internet of course. We life on a very remote and rural location, actually at the front door of Wells **** Park with lots of wildlife. Even our first neighbor lives km's away from us. So in case of an emergency, fire or life-threatening situation we can't call 911 or any help. We also have lots of guests in our lodge/B&B, so if something bad happens...??!! I even setup a Skype account and I can do outgoing Phone calls, but NO emergency calls and we can't have incoming Phone calls neither with this system!! So the fact that we live on a public road is that we have the right to have a landline I believe?! Even in winter the snowplow comes to clear the road from snow, so that means it's a public road. Our neighbor who lives a few km from us in the same road has a landline! She also told us that the second previous owner had always a landline at this place we live now, and suddenly they removed that service?! She don't know the exact reason why they did it?? They even removed the cables from the posts that are still used for power lines by BC Hydro. At this moment I use a temporary phone that works through internet, Magic **** called. This works quit well, but is not always reliable depending on the type of weather (like I mentioned before, because of the satellite dish) we're having and has always a delay when you're talking. Their system requires a broadband internet connection via a landline actually! So I'm a bit at wits' end. So could you help me with getting a landline over here, or some info how I can get it? Or any other solution for this terrible situation?!Thanks in advance. **** regards,Kurt ****6584 Corral RoadClearwater, BC*** ***Email: ******@***.com