Intervention: Intervenor 207

Document Name: 2015-134.223857.2391064.Intervention(1f8yg01!).html

My local ISP, Eastlink, has suddenly announced that some of its rural customers will be capped at 15 GB per month traffic, with a surcharge applied if that amount is exceeded. This is outrageous. The internet today is a utility. We here in rural Nova Scotia have a hard enough time attracting businesses to the area without putting limits to the already slow traffic that we have to endue. The choice of which customers will have this limit and surcharges applied is abitrary on the part of Eastlink. The size of the 15 GB limit is arbitrary on the part of Eastlink. The amount of the surcharge is arbitrary on the part of Eastlink. Where is the balance? Who is protecting the public? I look to the government and the CRTC to effectively police this issue in the public interest.Eastlink have stated that the Internet was never designed or intended for the amount of traffic that is currently occurring. This is nonsense. The Internet was never specifically designed or intended for any limiting factor. It has rightly developed freely so that it provides public benefits not even dreamed of in the early days. For an ISP who has a monopoly in many locations to arbitrarily limit its use to some undetermined vision many years ago is self serving in the extreme. The truth is they have not invested sufficient funds in their infrastructure to enable them to keep up with demand, this in spite of huge government investment and subsidies.Please police this situation and protect the public interest. No caps, no surcharges, set standards for rural and urban broadband.