Intervention: Intervenor 70

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I live 4 kms from the city of Edmonton, and I pay nearly a hundred dollars a month for a service from xplornet that is more often than not at 400k/s download speed - even though To move from older technology to newer (LTE), supposedly better, service, I was forced to take a new service that implemented a 100gb cap. Often, it is much less. There is no competition, and there is no incentive to improve. This should not be allowed to be called 'high speed'. I hope the CRTC implements similar standards as the US regarding what is allowed to be called high speed. There also needs to be something in place that would require them to guarantee a minimum speed, as most often the congestion is at the tower, and not the internet. The service needs to be sized for peak periods, not averaged over the day (i.e. in the evening, often watching Netflix is impossible, but during the day, no problem).