Intervention: Benjamin Klass and Marc Nanni (Intervenor 293)

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Intervention: Benjamin Klass and Marc Nanni (Intervenor 293)

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Benjamin Klass
& Marc Nanni
July 14, 2015
Mr. John Traversy
Secretary General

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Ottawa, ON *** ***

**** Mr. Traversy,

Subject: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134 Review of basic telecommunications services File reference: 8663-C12-201503186 1. Pursuant to section 26 of the CRTC Rules of Practice and Procedure, we submit this document to the above-noted consultation. We request to be considered an intervener in this proceeding.

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Submitted via GC-Key

2. While we do not have comments at this early phase of the proceeding, we are respectfully requesting intervener status so that we may monitor the proceeding as it unfolds.

3. We intend to participate once the issues are better developed, in particular during the interrogatory phases, and additionally during the intervention phase scheduled for February of 2016.

4. At the present time, we do not request to appear at the oral hearing scheduled for **** 2016.

Sincere thanks,

Benjamin Klass and Marc Nanni ***END OF DOCUMENT***

cc ******@***.com
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