Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 364

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My cable provider increases the price of my cable annually by about 10%. They claim that the annual increases are to provide improved service to customers. My service hasn't improved - it's declined. The improved service consists of increasing the number of wi-fi hot spots and discounts for new customers only. A vast majority of my internet use is from home which doesn't benefit from wi-fi hotspots and as a long time customer - the 30-35%% discount is only applied if I switch between providers every 6 months which is an enormous hassle. And yet, the providers post record profits every year. It used to be that companies posted modest profits and invested in infrastructure to attract new customers. New customers also get free modems if they opt into the Internet 15 or higher plans. Upload speeds are stagnant - I havne't seen an increase in those for years. As for mobile data - there's no reason for mobile limits to not only increase in price, but the caps to decrease. The mobile providers claim that it's expensive to provide data, while other countries have far lower costs and higher caps. Something particularly frustrating for both groups is that the prices are virtually identical between the companies. Instead of competing for lower prices, if one increases its price, the others follow suit because there isn't enough competition. With the prices and packages offered so similar, one has to wonder about the possibility of collusion.