Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 639

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1. What telecommunications services do Canadians consider necessary to participate in the digital economy? • Clearly broadband is needed today. But the CRTC should be careful to avoid creating an expensive program to build where either government or private companies may already be willing to build without requiring Canadians to contribute to yet another fund. Any new fund should be tailored to be complementary to and not in lieu of government or private funds.2. Which services do Canadians rely on the most to communicate? • Canadians rely on their Internet the most. Wireline telephone is no longer the important service it once was and many different services and applications, including voice services, can be used over the Internet…3. Should the prices for telecommunications services in Canada be similar between urban and non-urban areas? • Yes that is a good goal – but similar does not mean exactly the same. Some prices are higher in rural areas whereas other prices, like real estate, are much lower.4. What upload and download speeds for broadband Internet service would meet Canadians’ needs? • Given that the purpose is to determine what should be considered a basic level of service to participate in the digital economy, it should be based on needs rather than wants. A target of 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up is sufficient to allow Canadians to participate in the digital economy.