Intervention: Intervenor 120

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Bell Canada is charging far too much for its land telephone and internet services. It has no interest in keeping loyal customers as Bell keeps increasing the monthly charges. As an example, fifteen months ago, I contacted Bell to see if there was some way to reduce my monthly telephone and internet charge. The internet charge was lowered by reducing the amount of Gb I was receiving to a lower number as I was not using much. Now, fifteen months later, my bill is back to where it was - meaning almost $15.00 a month more than what I was paying. Bell has put forward more than one increase in a year. There is no need for this as Bell is getting substantial sums from companies who are renting Bell's wires. Bell has a section on its website where it talks about being committed to customer service. Unfortunately, Bell staff do not read this. I sent a letter to the President of Bell to complain about the increases but he did not bother to respond. I am on fixed income. The CRTC wants all Canadians to have access to quality telephone and internet service. What is the point if Canadians cannot afford the cost? I can switch to other service providers and save some money for possibly a year before I am again paying a high rate and there is the complete inconvenience of having to change telephone numbers and internet address and notifying appropriate people. I have had my telephone land line with Bell for over 40 years and internet for around 15 years. Bell does not care about its loyal customers judging from all of the increases I keep getting.