Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 343

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I am in support of review and changes to basic telecommunications services in Canada. As a rural Canadian I have been relegated to the back row of services despite running a multi-million dollar business. It is becoming increasingly difficult to do this with only satellite internet available at high cost and limited bandwidth. I have no issue in paying somewhat more than urban areas for these services as I understand the related costs of access and infrastructure. However, I do feel strongly that I , and all other rural and remote Canadians should have fair and reasonable access to ALL AVAILABLE services, including reliable broadband. I also feel it is reasonable that governments contribute to the distribution of infrastructure to meet this need. As a primary food producer I do not have an option of moving my business. The end users of what I produce are often urban and subsidized. In the communication age it is ridiculous for any Canadians to have less than optimum access to the internet. Not everyone can or must live in a city. **** production,forestry and mining drive the Canadian economy. Surely internet access at a reasonable cost is not too much to expect in return.