Intervention: Intervenor 55

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We are not gamers or such. We are retired and basically look on the internet; view pictures of our great grandson, email, etc. We viewed the odd online movie from time to time. We are basically happy with our speed; etc. We are with That being said, we sometimes find the internet choppy, with viewing breaking up from time to time. We would like to see more reliable speeds and we would like perhaps for the info highways to become a common resource to all (like the rail lines, like the road/highway system), with the users (Bell, Telus, Shaw, Rogers, smaller users, etc.) being able to access that common highway. In other words, they would compete for service not the highway or its speed.We are happy with the Pick & Pay decision - assuming that it rolls out as we envision.Hope this helps. Thanks for listening.Mr. & Mrs. E. J. (Ted) Legg