Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 558

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I cannot get internet service from my ILEC, because they do not offer it in my area. This is even though i live in an area that is mere miles from major urban areas. (I live in stevensville ontario, it is a small community between Welland, **** falls and St. Catherines. I am only 5 Km from a CO which serves DSL, but Bell does not offer DSL service to myself and my neighbors.There are very high cost (and lower bandwidth) satellite services available (as in every other remote area of Canada), but there are may hundreds of homes in my area which surely could be served by the ILEC at far lower costs that truly remote areas of Canada.the CRTC has the broadband fund created years ago, why are ILECS not being forced to supply service in their territories to customers in my situation?it's not reasonable to have to use sattelite at 4 - 5 x the cost for substandard (less than 5Mb) service.The ilec is spending tremendos money upgrading infrastructue in urban areas to 100Mb and even Gb service, when they still have not provided basic service in all of their service area. The CRTC should require ILECS to connect all interested customers in a given serving area to meet at least the basic CRTC broadband initiative service level, BEFORE they may upgrade services in that same service area to utlra high services.The "business decisions" (where and what to build/deploy) of the ILEC are disadvantaging and discriminating against me based on my location, and it's not reasonable, but without regulation they will not change their behaviour.Critically, as the CRTC broadband initiative recognizes, basic internet access is REQUIRED for all Canadians, and significantly disadvantages those without. Having access available at inaccessible prices is the same as not having access available.The CRTC should require the basic internet access for all Canadians to be the same cost no matter where it is (for some large percentage of the population, since it's not possible to reach 100%).