Intervention: Telesat (Intervenor 295)

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Tele sat.
File No. 8663-C12-2015503186
July 14, 2015
To: Mr. John Traversy
Secretary General
Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission
Ottawa, Ontario
*** ***

Subject: Telecom Notice of Consultation CRTC 2015-134, Review of basictelecommunications services (TNOC 2015-134) - Intervention**** Mr. Traversy,

1. Telesat Canada is pleased to provide this initial intervention in accordance with theprocess set out in TNOC 2015-134.

2. Telesat's intends to intervene in this proceeding in a limited matter, restricting itsparticipation to issues related to its role as a provider of satellite services used bytelecommunications service providers (TSPs) to provide telecommunicationsservices that are, or that may be, classified as part of the Commission's basic serviceobjective, including broadband Internet service.

3. As noted in paragraph 30 of TNOC 2015-134, roughly 18,000 households withoutaccess to broadband Internet service at the Commission's target speeds are locatedin satellite-dependent communities in remote areas of Canada. The TNOC statesthat "...the costs to provide telecommunications services over satellite facilities arehigh, which limits the availability of these services." and that communities in remoteareas will likely rely on satellite facilities for telecommunications services for theforeseeable future.1

4. Telesat is proud of the role it has played in the provision of high quality voice andInternet services to some of the most remote communities in Canada and the world.

Telesat has provided its satellite services at rates that the Commission's recentSatellite Inquiry Report found to be "reasonable and reflective of the nature ofsatellite market".2

1 TNOC 2015-134, paragraphs 29 and 30.

2 CRTC Satellite Inquiry Report, October 2014, paragraph 200.

1601 Telesat ****, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada *** ***Automated:+1-*-***-***-**** Tel:+1-*-***-***-**** Fax:+1-*-***-***-**** www.telesat.com5* Telesat recognizes that all Canadians, including those in remote and underservedareas increasingly require broadband Internet connectivity to participate fully in thedigital economy and society. Accordingly, Telesat proposes to participate as anintervener in this proceeding and to provide information and comments that mayassist the Commission in developing a sound and practical regulatory framework forthe provision of basic telecommunications services, including Internet services -particularly insofar as such services rely on satellite connectivity.

8; Telesat does not presently have specific views on the issues in this proceeding thatare set out in Appendix B to TNOC 2015-134. However, Telesat intends to monitorthe submissions made in this proceeding and wilt be prepared to provide commentswhere required on issues that arise during the proceeding that are related to satelliteservices. Telesat reserves the right to provide such comments in later stages of thisproceeding as and when the procedures for such stages are announced by theCommission.

7«: Telesat does not intend to provide comments in this proceeding on the issues relatedto its satellite rates that are currently under consideration by the Commission in theseparate proceeding commenced by TNOC 2015-133.

8. Telesat wishes to appear at the public hearing. The reason for such appearanceis to provide additional information and/or responses to questions raised by theCommission and other parties regarding Telesat's role in supplying satellite servicesused to provide basic telecommunications services in Canada.

Yours truly,
[Original Signed by fan ****]
Ian ****
Executive Director,
Government and Regulatory Affairs
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Intervention: Telesat (Intervenor 295)

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