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It doesn't seem ethical that the cable TV provider is also the only high speed internet provider in my community, ****, BC in the Cowichan Valley, where about 85,000 people live. Internet rates have risen dramatically in a short time, making me very suspicious that the cable TV company (Shaw) is simply raising internet rates to customers in order to punish those of us who "cut the cord" on cable TV. At the same time, TV rates when bundled with landline telephone and internet, are fairly low. However, when I cut the cord on cable TV, my Shaw internet rates rose to $70 a month for a modest highspeed package (25-30mbps download speeds) and my Shaw telephone rose to $30 per month, totaling $100 a month plus taxes for only internet and the cheapest landline telephone package.I'm very frustrated that Shaw punishes those who choose not to purchase cable TV packages by making the internet and landline telephone pricing so expensive. They have no competition in our area for high speed internet access, so I have no option but to stay with Shaw internet because I need internet for my job responsibilities and my kids need internet access for school projects and research.Thanks for hearing my concerns.