Intervention: Intervenor 173

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Ibecame aware your organization was collecting comments from Canadians regarding internet services. I do have internet services with Eastlink but experience ongoing functionality issues. My recorded speed of service today is ; download 0.95 Mbps & upload is 0.43 Mbps. This is a good day comparatively. I am unable to download software or view videos with this service. I want to do on-line teaching but my service does not allow me to take on this employment opportunity because my available services can not mean the needs I require. I pay as much as urban costumers but the service is unreliable & very slow. I need to drive to urban locations 1 & 1/2 hours away to download or update any software. This is not acceptable in this global economy and why are rural residents put at a disadvantage. It is best described as a party line. As number of people using service increases our access slows down to lesser speeds that I recorded today. why are they putting in technology like a one lane dirt road when the traffic requires a highway. Despite complaints to my service provider and government this issues are not improving but getting worse. We need reliable high speed internet to function in today's world. I can not even register for program or access on-line services. Please help us rural residents ASAP!!!