Intervention: Intervenor 198

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My phone and internet service provider, Telus, has some troubling issues. 1) Whenever I upload a file, it is at best 0.8 Mbits/s as advertised. Whenever I download a file, it is at best 6 Mbit/s as advertised. However when I do both, my download speed slows down to less the 1Mbit/s and sometimes stops completely every time. This is not supposed to happen with ADSL (I have been an IT tech and understand the field) and started in the past three years after some upgrade Telus did. Before that, uploading never affected my downloading. 2) I am currently paying $42-$47 (before taxes) per month for the 6 Mbits/s down and 0.8 Mbits/s up now considered slow to Canada's average of 12 Mbits/s up and down. Comcast in Boulder Colorado where I have a friend online pays $25 per month for 25 Mbits/s up and down. Why is it so much more expensive in Canada for lower service? 3) I keep getting phone calls from Telus, by someone who can barely speak ****, about upgrading my service, which I can't do because I am on a fixed income on assistance and also, I am on the Do-Not-Call ****. I ask the CRTC to investigate these inconsistencies and more heavily regulate what communication providers can charge for reasonable digital access and review their practices.