Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 738

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For a 14 month period in 2003-2004, I lived approximately one-half block distance from a cell phone tower. I consulted with a professional whose life work at the National Research Council was in the area of 'sick building syndrome'. He determined that the likely cause of my tinnitus and other symptoms was as a result of the pulsed electromagnetic fields coming from that cell phone tower. There was a huge receiver beaming right over my roof. He contacted the maintenance person to ask that the direction of the receiver be adjusted and our request was denied. He contacted The Radiation Protection Division (Health Canada?) to ask to borrow one of their meters to re-read the radiation levels at my home and was denied access to their instrument. I moved myself and my young family within 2 weeks of learning of our toxic exposure. We have had ongoing health problems which I attribute to this toxic exposure. I have had formal training both as a Diagnostic Xray technologist, and as a Registered Nurse. My research into my/our various afflictions is consistent with those reported for radio-frequency illness. I am forced to live on a low income now, as I am unable to work. With the regulations that govern corporate access to install cell phone towers virtually anywhere, and the advent of 'smart' metering, I can literally feel like a refugee and prisoner in my own country! We all need to recognize and reveal the dangers of these "cigarettes of the 21st Century". And give a voice to all the children, teenagers and adults who have already, unknowingly succumbed to cancers caused by their daily exposures to man-made, microwave radiation in their living enviornment. What a waste of precious lives... all for the sake of corporate greed, while ignoring the sociopathetic monster-entity filling the room. Please hear us,One of a huge flock of 'canaries in the coal mine',Michele CharestOttawa, ON