Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 645

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I live in a rural area and all I can get is a wireless stick or satellite. **** are inadequate. The wireless stick is way to expensive to watch a movie or do much other than surf the net and send email. Satellite is so slow of an upload speed that my **** Security Cam system gives me error trying to upload (not download but upload) video from my NVR to my computer. I only get 1 MBPS upload speed no matter what speed of plan I purchase. We don't have ADSL or cable. I thought about starting an online business but it would cost me an arm and a leg for internet. I believe that my rural area **** of Kelowna needs Fiber or some type of affordable and fast enough for a security cam system internet which right now in my rural area satellite is too slow and the cost of data for the wireless stick either Bell or Telus is unaffordable. The internet is my world. I can't afford satellite tv being on a disability and I only get one tv channel which has a lot of violence I don't like to watch. I have so much more entertainment, learning, socializing with the internet than I ever would with tv, and it is so very important for me to have fast affordable internet being so isolated. I live 45 minutes **** of Kelowna BC and the internet is my whole world, and I have complained constantly asking for fast affordable internet that I can use a router with so my security cameras work and I am continually told no we can't help you. I really need fast affordable internet and I have been waiting for more than 10 years now. I am so disappointed when I hear that Telus has donated to some cause and Telus tells me it costs too much to go 5kms down the road from where the last connection is to serve my subdivision of about 50 homes or I hear how Shaw cable went right past my subdivision to go 5 kms up the road to service a vacation resort of 500 homes. Why couldn't they bring fast affordable internet to me on a disability. I can't afford $100 per month for Telus wireless stick and only 5GB data that ended up to be $500 one month, and so I threw the wireless stick out and I never paid my bill. Same thing happened with Bell wireless stick. Too big of bill and threw the stick out and never paid my bill. Then I got on satellite but its too slow for my security cams and I went over one month cause I watched movies. I live in an isolated remote 45 minute drive from downtown Kelowna who has had ADSL for a couple of centuries now and I still don't have the same as Kelowna 20 years later? I think it is time to bring fast affordable internet to my area. I can tell you for a fact that I will never ever use a wireless stick again even if I am permitted more data now, because it will not work with my **** security cam system. I get 50 GB data now with satellite and its still not enough data for me to watch a frikken movie. I have been pissed off about internet since I moved here in 2003. I had to go from ADSL at the coast to dial up here. Its ridiculous when I see Telus doing all the donating they do and I had to pay outrageous amounts for inadequate internet. $500 per month for internet is outrageous. The government should step in and stop the ripping off of rural Canadians and make Telus and other service providers to stop donating and put in adequate internet so that people can have businesses. Telus, Bell and Xplornet are stiffling business in rural areas because they can rip off rural residents so they can install fibre optics in town and forget about rural people. Its not fair at all. I want affordable and fast internet like everyone in town. I am so mad that I have had inadequate internet all these years and get a $500 bill for one month of internet for it.