Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 508

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I live in Edmonton and work in **** McMurray. I take services of Koodo and have a 5GB data plan which comes with a hefty price of $90 sans GST. Objectively, **** McMurray and satellite regions like **** Hills have very sketchy service, and hence connections switches between 3G and LTE all the time. There are also stretches where there is no connection at all. My main point of contention is the incredibly high price that is being charged for the data plan. It is absolutely criminal to treat data as a commodity. Data caps are a bane, and the steep ramp up between prices of various data caps should not be allowed. Going forward, we need data cap freedom for the betterment of economy. And the data cap restriction plays on mind to much for a family where these expenses can be spared somewhere else. Internet is a pump up in today's economy and we have prepared fertile grounds for the exploitation of it and hence neglecting the needs of people. Koodo treats every 250 MB over limit for a hefty price of $5. So if you use 10 GB in a month, you are in a dock for $200. Just let that sink in. In Canada, $100 gets you only 4 hours of youtube viewing time for the whole month. World is moving towards 4K, and video economy is the next stimulant in the online world, and Canada is deep down in the woods here helping companies juice out the last vitamin out of celery stalk.One major problem with the plans, suppose you sign up for 3GB data plan, and then switch to 5 GB in the middle of the billing cycle, you are not given 5GB data allowance but 3 GB + (Pro-rated Data). So they will charge you for 5GB and not let you use the 5GB. They also take this a step forward; suppose you are on a 3GB data plan, and go over the data limit, and then you switch to a 5GB plan; Koodo will still bill you $5 for going over the 3GB plan and does not let that data count towards the 5GB plan. So not only will you get less than 5GB data due to pro-ration but you will also be charged for 5GB plan data + $5 overage charge. Just 5 months with Koodo has stifled me a lot. I didn't think much about it before, but the psychological pressure these data caps brings are just unnatural and can be eliminated. It feels like a noose that is stifling you and with every new day notches up a little. I hope CRTC curtails these business inside business data cap thing.