Intervention: Intervenor 32

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We live in **** Ontario and our ONLY option for internet on our farm is Xplornet Satellite. This is extremely expensive and we did have it up until 3 years ago. We were locked into a three-year contract and received great service the first year, patchy service the second year and absolutely no service the third year. I phoned them every day for that entire year to complain. They did give me three months free. They explained that they had over-sold the satellite so there wasn't enough internet service to go around. They also explained that they were launching a new satellite that I could go on at a much higher cost. I said no. I have been forced to drive to the town of Simcoe to use the internet at either McDonalds or the public library. As I work from home this has been a major on-going problem. Now I drive to the office in Elmira (an hour and a half away) once a week so that I can use good high speed fibre internet. We did look into the Bell hub internet but you need cell phone service to use it and we don't have cell phone service on our farm either.