Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 622

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WIFI needs to be minimized as it is known to increase health risks for cancers, especially in children. It has been removed from schools in many countries ( Italy, Australia and **** to name a few) as well as specific school districts within Canada and around the world. In this, WIFI must be treated with caution. Allowing corporations and companies to put up WIFI towers indiscriminately, open up Municipalities as well as Provincial and Federal Governments to law suits. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IRIC), part of the United Nations’ World Health Organization (WHO), lists WIFI as a Class 2B Carcinogen – possibly carcinogenic to humans. The Bio Initiative 2012 Report for Biology Based Exposure Standards for Low- Intensity Electro Magnetic Radiation - see " Evidence For Brain Tumors And Acoustic Neuromas" and section 10 - " Effects of Electromagnetic Fields From Wireless Communication upon the ****-Brain Barrier" which will enhance your understanding of radiation on human health. Your job and our current and future health rely on putting the health of our citizens ahead of any financial gain. School boards and districts across Canada have requested that the following recommendations are implemented to protect children: Children absorb larger amounts of microwave radiation than adults. "Canadian Teachers' Federation - over 200,000 teachers across Canada (2013)Recommendations; That Safety Code 6 includes a recommendation for prudent use of Wi-Fi whenever possible including the recommendation to limit consistent exposure in schools by turning off wireless access points when not in use. That Safety Code 6 exposure thresholds be based upon both thermal and biological effects of exposure to Wi-Fi That the Expert Panel recommends an education program regarding the relative safety of Wi-Fi exposure and that appropriate resources be developed to educate the public regarding ways to avoid potential exposure risks of Wi-Fi access points and devices.”Last of all, I want to retain my freedom to choose to be bathed in WIFI radiation or not. By allowing cell towers, smart meters and other WIFI releasing devices, you are dictating health risks onto your own families and the population at large. Please allow myself and others the freedom to choose. I implore you to utilize the precautionary principle in this and ensure that current and future populations are not plagued by health problems as a result of financial greed and lack of due diligence.