Interventions Phase 2: Halifax Regional Police (Intervenor 730)

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Thank you for the opportunity to provide comment, I have been asked to comment on behalf of the Nova Scotia Chiefs of Police by the President Chief **** McIsaac.Broadband technology has provided emergency services with increased opportunity to bring better decision making into the filed in support of day to day and emergency events. It has certainly changed the landscape of police operations, not only from our internal mechanisms but in the type and methodology of crime. Broadband is an enabler to the digital economy, but this has also enabled criminals to utilize these same technologies for their personal gain, many times at the expense of others in society. We accept the world is changing and that this is our reality. I believe more discussion is needed between policing and government on how this new reality can be used to positively impact on citizens, but also how we can mitigate the negative influences. The area of lawful access, subscriber information and intercepts are some of these areas. In addition, dedicated Public Safety Broadband development in the 700 Mhz spectrum must move ahead in order to ensure that there is spectrum available for first responders when emergencies occur. As more devices are added to the ecosystem, there will be more congestion and potential for emergency workers to be bumped from commercial systems. I am very pleased with the work to date in this are but there is clearly more to be done. Upload and download speeds are important for a timely response. I believe the faster the better in emergency or events with a high degree of potential safety concern. The CRTC can play a significant role in assisting with the understanding of the ecosystem, working with the F/P/T/M community and public safety in discussing, understanding and directing policies and procedures on usage for day to day and emergency events. There is also a role to play in the convergence of 911 technology with NG911, broadband and land mobile radio. as the internet of things continues to move forward, more systems that had been separate will start to converge and with that convergence will be benefits and challenges. The CRTC is well placed to assist with understanding and finding successful ways forward in a coordinated manner as opposed to allowing this to evolve without forethought or coordination. I would be pleased to assist or speak more deeply on any of these areas. Thank youDeputy Chief **** Moore Halifax Regional PoliceTreasure of the NS Chiefs of Police