Intervention: Intervenor 31

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Hello,I work first hand in the ISP industry. If the CRTC truly wishes to make Canada a leader in internet technology, the only way this will happen is if the incumbent organizations are reigned in. I believe the model which would benefit the most consumers would be to consider internet services as a public utility. Allow municipalities to receive funding from government to build their own fiber network (Bell is currently fighting to restrict access to their own fiber network and disallow smaller resellers from using their lines). I have worked closely with the implementation of the amazing 1Gbps Fiber network in Olds, AB. Olds is a small rural town which collectively raised enough money to build their own world-class internet service when the incumbents in the area deemed the location not profitable enough to build high speed internet access.See: more towns and cities build their own public internet companies, then internet speeds, affordability, and quality will rise dramatically.Thank you for your time.