Further Comments

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day. I am a retired person that lives in the township of Tiny in a rural area.

My comments are related to the lack of available internet access at a reasonable speed. I currently subscribe to DSL service through Bell. I have no choice as there is no Cable available in our community (not cost effective for Rogers to provide). Satellite (expressview) no longer provide a service. Cellular internet is cost prohibitive. I cannot be guaranteed the 5Meg download speed for the basic service as I am outside the maximum distance for the central office. When I subscribed to this service, i was able to get a 2.5Meg download based on Bell self test process. I currently cannot get any better than 1.8Meg and have done tests where I have had results well bellow .5Meg. Attempts to get this rectified have not been successful. I am aware that Bell has invested in Fiber in our area, but it is approx 2 KM away from our community. the central office ****) has the equipment, the fiber is run along main roads, but is not being run along secondary roads to reach homes/cottages. I am aware of at least two other central offices that have the equipment, Campellville and Schomberg.Technology is advancing exponentially. Internet speed is keeping space but only in areas where it is profitable for telecommunication providers. Rural areas do not generate the rate of return they are looking for and therefor rural areas are left to the very end if ever. Where phone service is a necessity and supported as such in the past, Internet access is today's replacement of that phone service. More and More people are cutting off their phone service and going wireless or internet. Also I see that companies like Bell and Rogers are offering services similar to Netflix. Again, we cannot take advantage of this as they require high speed internet to take advantage of this service.To summarize; Telecoms/Cable providers focus efforts on populated areas where profit is the priority. Capitol investments in infrastructure made but not activated. Internet becoming a necessity to be entertained, conduct financial and billing transactions, communicate with friends, family and businesses. WE are becoming more and more dependent on this method of communicating and exchanging data. Rural areas are no different than urban areas. we are all driven by the same forces.Thank you for your time.