Interventions Phase 2: Hills of Boisdale Community Association (Intervenor 772)

Document Name: 2015-134.227334.2537456.Interventions Phase 2(1$dww01!).html

On behalf of The Hills of Boisdale Community Association (HBCA) located in **** Breton NS we submit evidence that Bell Aliant and subsidiary companies now hold a monopoly over the general Canadian populace. The current telecommunications system is profit structured, serving the utility provision companies, in lieu of the paying customer. Citizens of this country are being discriminated against based on their decisions to live outside of major urban centres. This issue once was centred around those living in "remote locations" where the improvement of infrastructure offered no hope of return of investment for major telecommunication companies. This issue has now reached the point where those living ten minutes outside major urban centres are forced to pay nearly the same price for internet services as those being offered cutting edge technology. For this price, those people who chose to live in areas that serve these major centres through tourism, agriculture, education and clean energy services, are forced to attempt to maintain modern services online, using technology that has shown no change, or investment, in more than 10 years. To clarify, urban citizens are paying only 8% less, for services that are 1800% slower. This is not a typo. We have reached a point in this market where there is no reason for telecommunications companies to invest in areas that offer less "profit per pocket" regimes, meaning that if you do not have thousands of houses and apartment buildings, you are not worth our time. This cannot be acceptable in a country that boasts its equality and technological advances. This group has researched through independent consultants and technology firms, the viability for, in lieu of providing similar services to urban areas, at least improving existing services to maintain the bare minimum standard of internet speeds required to operate a business, keep in touch with loved ones, and maintain the standard of online education that our children require. This analysis was provided to Bell Aliant, and was subsequently squashed via email. To those frustrated with current standards and have spent years trying to complain via 3rd party call centres and town meetings, this analysis shows that Bell's response to its consumers that they consider less valuable is the same whether submitted individually, or as a group forum. The time has come for the CRTC to sanction the telecommunication companies into providing a standard of services that will not be as embarrassing when brought to light. No change will occur when the investment in infrastructure is only justified by the highest profit return. Your role is to step in and provide standards for all Canadians. It cannot simply be acceptable for Bell Aliant to say to those in urban areas that because we are not worth more to them, we deserve less. Please find in submission, evidence of Bell Aliant's current position on its value to consumers. Those whom it has determined that "the juice is not worth the squeeze."Kind thanks, The Hills of Boisdale Community Association