Intervention: Intervenor 116

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I live in a rural area of British Columbia. I recently moved here from Vancouver Island. I am absolutely horrified at the price of internet and the data caps on the internet. As a society, we are continually being told to use the internet, whether it be to access a website, find the information you need, both personal and government, search and apply for jobs (several companies ONLY accept this method of application), find housing , contact government about services and/or benefits, etc. I recently had to upgrade my internet package and it now cost $150.00 a month. This is ridiculous considering the service is STILL sub-standard and in no way adequate. Six days into my billing cycle, I have received a message saying I have used 80% of my data for the month. Six days? This is supposedly 120 gig a month I am paying for. I am extremely disappointed that our government allows this outrageous practice to still take place. Most people who live in rural areas are already cash poor and to have to pay this amount of money for a utility is creating a hardship and a sharply unequal access to the internet for rural Canadians. Also, the speed of the internet provided is inadequate. We have a choice of only 5 MBPS or 10 MBPS. When I lived in an urban area, I had unlimited internet usage per month and a speed of 50 MBPS and only paid $80.00 per month.