Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 575

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I think that rates for wireless and internet should be better regulated. Wireless phones, with data, are an important part of the modern society and so are internet services. Many of the poor in society have difficulty paying for such important and vital services that are so necessary to compete in today's world.To get a wireless service with data it costs around $60-$80 per month with only a small amount of data, and yet today that data is insufficient for day to day needs of the common consumer. And many have difficulty paying for such fees.Then with the internet it is often necessary to have speeds of 50mbps minimum and above. This usually costs around $90 a month or more. Before taxes!How can the average consumer afford such rising costs for what is absolutely necessary to compete in today's market place? Not only that but the big telecommunications companies put heavy limits on this and, if you accidently go over, you get significantly large fees that are 50x larger than they were 5 years ago. And yet our services hasn't expanded 50x, but fees certainly have gone up around that!Data rates have also gone up significantly. 10 years ago I could get an unlimited plan, then I was forced to give it up in order to get a working phone while the sales person said that my plan is incompatible with the new phone (which is, of course, untrue). Now you are lucky to get 5gb for data.Personally I think that a minimum of 5gb should be offered for under $50 with unlimited local minutes and sms. Then all carriers should also be required to offer unlimited data, without downgrading their speed, for under $100.I also think that the minimum target for speeds should be 50mbps for the regular internet. This will be necessary in the future landscape of the internet. 5mbps is just not fast enough anymore as EVERYTHING uses video, music, etc. and a whole lot of data. You really can't "get by" with 5mbps anymore. 50mbps is necessary if we want Canada to compete on an international level.For landline phone services I'm not too concerned about that. Nor am I concerned about TV. Those services are things of the past and no longer necessary. It is all about wireless phones and internet services now.I understand that it is a large undertaking to meet such targets and goals. But I do believe that if we want our population to be competitive in a global market place that it is absolutely necessary to find a way to enforce this upon the industry.