Intervention: West Beg Services Ltd. (Intervenor 179)

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I am sending these comments as a resident of the **** Mountain area of BC. The northeast corner of the province where all the oil and gas is coming from. Several years ago our internet and phone service was quite reasonable. We all had gotten used to cell phones and began to rely on Internet in our business dealings and personal banking etc. Recently, a year and a half ago, the service began to deteriorate. Calls were lost, poor signal, and incomplete data transmissions became every day issues. Lately, after purchase of the recommended booster and antenna, our signal is strong BUT the service remains poor to non existent! Text messages are unable to send and voice calls fail regularly, while web pages take a long time to load or simply time out.We rely on this digital service for our safety, contact with family and friends and our suppliers. In spite of improved roads there are still times when travel is impossible due to weather.Our regional district is willing to work with Bell and other companies to expedite the construction and installation of new towers in the area. Please take advantage of this.