Intervention: Intervenor 138

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ISP provider with unrealistic low data caps. My current provider has a data cap of 150GB at my current theoretical rate of 15Mbps running at full speed, that means I'll hit my data cap in approx. 22 hours (if my math is right). This is out of approx. 700 hours in a month! With 4 in our family, it easy to hit 150GB, as my kids use the internet for homework, games, Netflix, YouTube, etc...and of course use also using services such as Netflix. If you have a high resolution tablet, the video starts to stream in higher quality, using up the data cap faster. I also use the internet to do work from home so I don't have to drive into work (hopeful helping out by less congestion on the road, less gas used, less emission, and for my own sanity!). The internet is essential part of life these days. Data Cap are cash grabs for the ISP! Of course as soon as one ISP started with lower data caps, the rest followed!!