Interventions Phase 2: Intervenor 565

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My comment is to warn the CRTC about their lack of foresight they seem to have. I have worked for a telecom company for a decade.Mobile phone plans are at an all-time high while there was an argument made by the CRTC to make things easier and cheaper for the everyday consumer when they abolished three-year contracts.TV content providers are about to have to provide individual channels and/or packages. This, again, is going to drive up the daily price to consumers. The telecom I worked with, we did that a few years ago for a while and when I would help customers reduce their bill at the request, the type of content that is being forced by the CRTC was found on nearly all the consumer's accounts. When the providers MUST provide things certain way, they will raise the price. This makes the gouging even more appalling.And now we begin a discussion on internet. Great. How lovely.What needs to be addressed is the bully behaviour of the major Canadian providers. A lot of people think they're in cahoots with each other - that they're an oligarchy. They probably don't actually need to conspire with each other on how to gouge their consumers because there's next to zero competition that little effort needs to be done to replicate their competition. They've just acquire that public perspective (but still rightly so) because of the lack of competition and strict enforcement.These companies cannot keep playing the "our grid is so big because we're a big country". You can't play that card forever, especially when these grids were largely built by governments, not themselves. (Having said this, I understand that there are some maintenance costs.)Perhaps imposing restrictions, like barring them from acquiring companies or some such. For all the complaining they do about how their coffers are only so deep, it would be a good idea.Now I'm starting to sound like a conspiracy theorist so I'm ending this.